The Making of Ultima Weapon (Kingdom Hearts)

Tutorial time! WOOOOT! ^.^ Well, I know this blog is kind of a mess, and an incomplete mess at that, but though I may finish it, I probably will NOT submit myself to the hundreds of hours it would take to clean it all up. However, this tt will not be my last, and they will certainly get neater as I go. The next one,, will be a VIDEO tt, for example. >:-)

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Friday, October 12, 2007



Well, I'm sorry, but I had to skip ahead a little bit to try and finish this keyblade in time for my brother (seen holding Ultima in pic below), to use it for Halloween last year, and didn't photograph the steps I took. But, that's ok, because it was just painting. Ultima sure has a lot of pretty colors in it. 0_o

I still haven't made the keychain yet, let alone atatched it, and I still haven't wrapped the handle yet, either, so keep a weary eye out for signs of life. Maybe something'll turn up after a good long while. rofl ^_x

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


As you can see, its balance is AWEFUL! (and here's how I fixed it) 0_x

~use hotglue-gun to melt glue at very end of keyblade, and remove several wires.

~encircle the dowl at the handel of the keyblade with strait sections of more coat-hanger wire.


Step 13 - Seal Up Some More Edges


Step 12 - Attatch Cool Guilding B-)



~done! (sort of....see if you can't sneak some more glue in, in other places, so as to make it stronger)


Be Careful!!! (or hotgluegun will melt glue-seams! :x ) *gasp*

~umm, oops.


Step 11 - Glue the Pieces Cut from the Yellow & Green Stencils Down the Outside Centers of the Sword-thingy





Step 10 - Seal the Edges as Best u Can w/ Yet More Hotglue O_o


Step 9 - Combine the Two Sword-like Pieces at the Dowl (basically just repeat Step 7)


Step 8 - Reinforce Foam-Sheet Cut-Outs (I used hotglue and wire coat hanger O_o)


Step 7 - Figure Out the Center of One Sword and Glue Wooden Dowl Down It


Step 6 - Repet Steps 4 & 5 (reuse stencils)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Step 5 - Cut Using a Razor-Blade or Craft Knife on Cutting Board


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